Our Program

Prison ministry:

One of the major of our services is by going to Prison to give prayers and encouragement to the prisoners. This has helped several prisoners to receive hope, encouragement and sense of belonging a lots of them have given their lives to Christ.
It is our desire to step up the outreach to this group by supplying gifts to the children of these incarcerated people.

Hospital Ministry:

This is Another a vital role in our Ministry We are involved in praying with sick people for their healing
and seeing the sick made whole.with the Help of our Prayer so many Healing has been taken places
in Various Hospital and we have come to prove to the Doctors of the world that Only our Jesus is a Great Healer.
They Agreed in write in their watch ward that they treat but God Heals...

Educational Support:

Breaking Educational Barriers is part of our initiative of MIM. We seeks to equip young people and support
them with the tools to prepare them for educational excellence,regardless of background, ethnicity or gender.
We young and Adult to discover their Career and Achive their common goal so that they can be
fully Empowered for their future both in their society and community.

Visiting Of Orphanage Home:

One of our main objectives is to building trust and relationships where none exist.We support the less previledge people in the community who may feel a sense of hopelessness due to their current social conditions and predicament.We provides encouragement and prayer support.
The homeless are a particularly vulnerable group who need to feel considered and validated. Help a soul Today.

Service Groups:

As as Ministry we believe in ‘every member's potentials’. That means we’re convinced that it takes all of us to make us happen.
Everyone gets invloved, Together we stand,Divided we fall .
Whatever your skills or interests there’s a place for you to serve and make a contribution And the more you get involved,
the more you feel part of things.You too can partake in any way in helping to fulfill the vision of this great commission. We need you today! Some of the Services Group you can join in other to use your skills,
energy and time to serve the lord includes:


Intercessory Department
Counselling Department
Sanctuary care
Tape ministry
Technical Department
Sound/ Consul Unit
Audio-Visual Unit
IT Department
Publication/ Editorial Department
Visitation and follow-Up
Ushering Department
Prayer Warriors
Media and Publicity
Decoration Department  etc   Click Here to join us





Our Past Event

Come Unto Me All ye that Labor